Simply Re-Creating Enterprises: The Enterprise facilitates a heightened awareness and value of parks, recreation, conservation, preservation, open space, trails and play..

Simply Re-Creating Enterprises advocates on behalf of vulnerable communities and promotes the message of the value of parks, recreation, conservation, preservation, and open space. Emphasizing the importance of environmental strength and health, economic energy, and social equity, Simply Re-Creating works in communities to elevate options for sustaining the inherent character of local natural beauty and using that beauty and natural resources to support the wholeness of a community. The intent is to advocate for expanded outdoor opportunities and experiences for those living in urban settings.

Simply Re-Creating - We are focused, passionate and committed to greening the most vulnerable parts of our communities. If one segment of a community can step out in their yard and enjoy toxic free green spaces and trails then all communities should have access to similar spaces and places.

"A child has a life time to study and to work but a very small window to play."

Our request is to allow our babies to play in safe, clean and healthy environments that will allow the children to thrive, grow and learn.

In addition to promoting quality of life through built in healthy environments, Audree navigates passionately and intentionally through governmental systems in simplifying processes for the average citizen and the private sector. She commits to projects that concentrate on long term outcomes verses numbers and immediate output and works diligently in bringing non-profits, community based and civic leadership together through open houses, community forums, workshops, and her signature event Adult Play Day.